US Apartments Shrink to Smallest Size in a Decade

Ever feel like you’re basically living in a closet with the current size of your apartment? This is apparently a problem in various areas in the US, including in Chula Vista, according to reports. This article will explain more about this dilemma for apartment dwellers.

When it comes to living spaces, size doesn’t always matter. Especially for young professionals, location is a more important factor than the size of the apartment as the cohort is more concerned with proximity to jobs, restaurants and other sources of entertainment, a recent RENTCafe report found. The proof is in the numbers with the average size of new apartments (those completed in 2016) now at 934 square feet, 8 percent smaller than those 10 years ago. ap4rTm3nts

The report cites the Great Recession as a key factor contributing to shrinking square footage, as rental stock and multifamily investment declined going into 2010.

On the other hand, the West Coast largely offers the smallest apartments, with an average size of 843 square feet in California and 852 in other Western states. Arizona’s Tuscon, Glendale and Mesa are among the top 5 cities with the smallest apartments, joined by El Paso, Texas, and Buffalo, N.Y. California’s Bakersfield, Stockton, Fresno and Chula Vista are also four cities with some of the tiniest apartments in the nation.


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