Chula Vista house washes away dark past

How would you feel when your dead neighbor’s house was occupied by squatters who are into drugs and sex for sale? You’d naturally feel scared about the shady dealings in the next house. But this house has finally gotten over the rough phase and is now placed on the market.

CHULA VISTA, Calif. – A little blue house is selling for almost half-a-million dollars even though its recent history is filled with drugs, prostitution and almost two years of squatters. 4-S4L3

The house located at 1198 Twin Oaks Drive has been a terror for a western Chula Vista neighborhood ever since the owner died without a will.

Squatters swooped in and kept returning every time police cleared them out.

“It’s completely changed. We’re not afraid anymore,” said Donna Saar, who has watched the criminal activity from across the street. “It was bad. It was bad. It was scary.”


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