Teens get free heart screening

August 29, 2016 0

Parents often put too much of their trust in their child’s annual checkups and visit to the doctor. However, what they did not know is that these annual checkups may not be enough. They cannot […]

GoGoGrandparent helps seniors without smartphones

August 20, 2016 0

It is often thought that the elderly and technology don’t mix. They usually seem to have a misunderstanding as they are asked to work together. However, seniors can now enjoy technology better, without feeling overwhelmed […]

All about lemons in Chula Vista

August 8, 2016 0

Chula Vista has long been the Lemon Capital of the World. In celebration of that title and proving once more that the city does deserve it, they held the city’s Lemon Festival on August 7. […]

C.V. council increases speed limit

July 18, 2016 0

When you drive to and from work or wherever your errands take you, speed limits are everything if you don’t want end up paying for traffic tickets. There is always that temptation to drive over […]

Rohr drop hammer moved to new home

July 7, 2016 0

When you visit a new place or plan moving to one, learning about its history might be a chore but an important one nonetheless. In Chula Vista, you have to introduce yourself to the Rohr […]

Chula Vista Planned Parenthood expands

June 13, 2016 0

Have you visited Planned Parenthood? Good news! It is now two times its size after its recent expansion. This meant the center can accommodate more patients. Chula Vista Planned Parenthood expands

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