All about lemons in Chula Vista

How much do you love lemons? These sour treats certainly made the Chula Vista residents’ day on Sunday. The rest of  the event’s details can be found here.

Chula Vista — Downtown Chula Vista was dominated on Sunday by lemons: peeling them, eating them and dressing up to look like them. l3m0n-f3st

Celebrating Chula Vista’s long-ago status as the Lemon Capital of the World, the city’s 20th annual Lemon Festival took over Third Avenue with family-friendly games and events focused on lemons.

They included a lemon pie-eating contest, a lemon peeling challenge, a battle for who brought the largest lemon and the best lemon outfit award.

Many of the estimated 30,000 people who attended wore yellow to help celebrate, and some did so in creative ways.


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